Net Impact Approaches Conference - Held on Tuesday 22nd May at 15 Hatfields, London.

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We are currently planning the event for 2019.  Please get in touch to let us know what topics you would like to see covered and/or if you have anything suitable to present. 


Net Impact Approaches 2018 was held on Tuesday 22nd May 2018 at the same venue as last year's event, 15 Hatfields, London. 

See a summary of 10 key points arising from the 2018 event here and a summary of the 2017 conference here.

Once again, the ambition was to bring the different communities involved in net impact approaches together, and encourage more organisations to adopt such approaches.  The key themes for this year included:

  • Getting started and making the business case
  • Measuring impacts – techniques and tools - and linking site/product level impacts to a corporate level 
  • Aligning approaches
  • Processes and sources for obtaining data
  • Accuracy and assurance needs for monetary valuation
  • Links with SDGs, Science Based Targets & the Circular Economy
  • Linking/integrating environmental and social aspects

We’re grateful to the Natural Capital Coalition, Forum for the Future, Social Value UK, the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme(BBOP) and WBCSD for being conference affiliates.  Representatives of each of these organisations spoke and highlighted recent and planned activities on the topic, in particular covering key advances and linkages with other communities. 

Speakers and panellists included: 

  • Andrew Howard, Schroders
  • Annelisa Grigg, UNEP-WCMC
  • Ben Kellard, Forum for the Future
  • Bruno Van Parys, Solvay
  • Chris Brown, Olam
  • Dan Barwick, UK Defra
  • Eva Zabey, WBCSD 
  • Gordon Rogers, Yorkshire Water
  • Ian Dickie, Eftec
  • James Spurgeon, Sustain Value
  • Jake Backus, on behalf of Seacourt Printing
  • Jeremy Nicholls, Social Value UK
  • John Koo, Interface
  • Jonathan Labrey, International Integrated Reporting Council
  • Julia Baker, Balfour Beatty
  • Kerry ten Kate, Business & Biodiversity Offsets Program
  • Mark Gough, Natural Capital Coalition
  • Mark Graham, Social and Human Capital Coalition 
  • Nick White, Natural England
  • Oliver Greenfield, Geen Economy Coalition
  • Phil Clarke, Consciam
  • Pippa Howard, Flora and Fauna International
  • Sally Uren OBE, Forum For the Future
  • Sonja Haut, Novartis
  • Tom Beagent, PwC
  • Vicky Murray, Pukka Herbs

The conference was organised by Sustain Value and Consciam and was a net positive event, working in collaboration with ClimateCare.

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Details of the 2017 Net Impact Approaches Conference can be found by clicking on the links below:  

Full Detailed Agenda 2017

Speaker Biographies 2017

Event Summary 2017

Conference slides can be purchased for a modest fee - contact for information. 

ClimateCare kindly offset the CO2e from the conference with 20 tonnes GS credits from the Lifestraw Carbon for Water project. As well as the verified emission reductions, this represents the provision of  70,235  litres of safe water drinking water to families in Western Kenya. Overall this represents a Net Positive carbon and water impact.


Documents on Net Impact you may find of interest:

Net Impact: Ten things all businesses should know Sustain Value's Sustainability Briefing Note 1.  December 2016.

Final report by Sustain Value for 2106 EU B@B Natural Capital Accounting Workstream.

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