We provide a range of services around quantifying and valuing issues relating to natural and social capital and sustainability.

Sustain Value provides services to clients under three inter-related practice areas: Natural Capital, Social Capital and Sustainability.  In doing so, we help our clients to reduce their risks and costs, and to enhance their reputation and revenues.

A new service, offered in conjunction with our partner, Climate Care, is now available for our clients to evaluate the extent to which their company or projects are 'Net Positive', and identify the most appropriate actions they can take to work towards that goal.  

Please do get in touch if you would like to find out how any of our services could be of use to your organisation. 

1)  Natural Capital:  Biodiversity, water and ecosystem services 
  • Natural capital assessments
  • Environmental profit & loss accounts
  • Water valuation
  • Net impact and 'Net Positive' evaluations and strategies 
  • Business risk & opportunity assessments - ecosystem services reviews
  • Natural capital accounting - valuing environmental externalities (air emissions, water)
  • Application of the ESE-ROVA tool 
  • Environmental market analysis - payments for ecosystem services & carbon markets 
  • Biodiversity offsets - assessments and valuation
  • Environmental damage assessments - compensation claims
  • Coral reef and protected area economics - valuation & sustainable financing
  • Training 
2)  Social Capital and Socio-economics

  • Social capital impacts and dependencies
  • Social profit & loss accounts
  • Socio-economic impact assessments 
  • Economic impact assessments 
  • Assessing human well-being
  • Net impact and 'Net Positive' evaluation and strategies
 3) Sustainability
  • Valuing sustainability
  • The business case for sustainability
  • Developing sustainability decision-support tools 
  • Integrated reporting - the single bottom line
  • Creating shared value - measuring & optimising shared value
  • Evaluation and offsetting for Net Positive projects and companies
Air Emissions
"NAB recognises that all companies are dependent on ecosystem services, either through their supply chains, around their operating sites or via their customers.

We see that managing natural value includes the economic valuing of ecosystem services and .... accounting for them within traditional business frameworks and the way we do business." (Cameron Clyne, CEO, National Australian Bank)

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