Sustain Value has created ESE-ROVA, a flexible cost-effective natural and social capital accounting tool for use by businesses to support their decision-making. 

ESE-ROVA stands for Environmental, Social and Economic: Risk, Opportunity and Valuation Assessment.  It is an integrated 'framework' based Excel tool that aligns with the Natural and Social Capital Protocols.  A key advantage of the tool is that it can be adapted for many different business applications for any sector.  
It can help companies to:

  • identify their impacts and dependencies on natural capital (e.g. biodiversity and mineral resources) and other environmental parameters (e.g. air emissions and waste), as well as their social and economic capital and impacts
  • evaluate and manage associated risks and opportunities
  • determine the qualitative, quantitative and/or monetary value of associated impacts
  • compare trade-offs on a like for like basis
  • assess the extent to which different stakeholders are affected
  • establish whether a project or product is providing a net positive impact 
It was originally initiated as the EROVA tool (covering only environmental issues), and has  been developed in conjunction with the Chilean mining company, Antofagasta Minerals S.A. to help them evaluate opportunities and progress towards their goal of 'creating environmental value' at their mining operation sites.  
The EROVA tool has been successfully applied to several mining operations and associated conservation initiatives (see the Antofagasta Conchali Lagoon EROVA Case Study).  The ESE-ROVA tool has subsequently been applied to several project appraisals, including for comparing water supply options (desalination vs surface water abstraction) and waste disposal/recycling options.    
The ESE-ROVA tool is available for other companies to use and adapt for their own circumstances through an arrangement with Sustain Value.  Benefits to companies from this arrangement include full access to the tool and future updates, as well as learning from other business users.  
If you are interested in potentially using and adapting the tool to your situation, please do contact us.
Air Emissions


"Assigning a value to nature helps us visualize and incorporate environmental issues within our decisoion-making processes. Application of the EROVA tool is now enabling our company to determine the environmental value generated through our own past and potential protected area conservation inititaives. In addition, for evaluation purposes, in the permitting of new projects, EROVA should work as a powerful tool to help us establish betteer defined mitigation and compensation measures"  Gustavo Pösel, Environmental Managger, Antofagasta Minerals S.A. (2014).

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