Sustain Value advises businesses on managing risks and opportunities associated with natural and social capital and sustainability - in particular using 'value' based approaches.

Earth's natural capital (i.e. biodiversity and natural resources) and the human benefits they provide (i.e. ecosystem services) are declining rapidly.  This depletion of resources, as well as associated climate change, government regulations and consumer awareness, mean that businesses face increasingly significant risks and opportunities.

Social (and human) capital includes people, organisations, networks and communities that work individually and together to create value. Such value is constrained by issues such as increasing poverty, inequality, health problems, skills shortages and diminishing trust.

Companies able to understand, anticipate and respond to these issues and changes will improve their competitive positioning and bottom line.

At Sustain Value, we help clients manage associated risks and opportunities - to sustain and enhance value.  Our goal is to help businesses increase their financial returns while simultaneously enhancing societal benefits for stakeholders (i.e. optimising economic value).  We seek to deliver win-win sustainability solutions through advising on the strategic management of environmental, social and economic impacts, for example through creating 'shared value'.  Ultimately we hope to help companies work towards and demonstrate a 'Net Positive Impact' to society.

"Easter Island's isolation makes it the clearest example of a society that destroyed itself by over-exploiting its own resources." (Jared Diamond in 'Collapse: How societies choose to fail or survive').  


The human race is in danger of following suit.  The Earth's natural capital, which supports the entire global economy, is in rapid decline. Businesses, governments, financial institutions and individuals must better understand and sustain its true value for the ongoing benefit of society and to help secure the future for humankind.   

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